Also known as Conscious Energy Breathing (CEB), it is a gentle and intuitive method of self-healing through Conscious, Connected, Circular breathing. It is a somatic experience involving mind, body, and spirit. Developed by Leonard Orr in 1962, it has been practiced all over the world in the years since. Rebirthing Breathwork allows us to release emotional blockages that cause dysfunction in our lives. It focuses on core issues having to do with our parents and early childhood from which most adult problems stem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transformational Life Coaching?

The practitioner holds space and provides emotional support for the client as they work on identifying and eliminating self-limiting beliefs, thus increasing enthusiasm for life and self-love, eventually leading to personal fulfillment and happiness.

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

What does a typical session look like?

1 hour of Transformational Life Coaching on a topic most relevant to the client's healing process (relationships, anxiety, forgiveness, self-enhancement, suppressed trauma, self-love, self-acceptance, releasing guilt and shame, success at work, prosperity). One hour of Conscious, Connected, Circular breathing is followed by fifteen minutes of processing and closing (lightbulb moments, final recommendations, suggestions for literature, affirmations, homework, etc.).

I breathe all the time. Why do I need to learn how to breathe?

70% of our energy comes from the breath; 80% of our detoxification occurs via breath, but most of us only use 20-30% of our respiratory capacity; think about the breaths you typically take; we tend to breathe very shallow especially when we are stressed; the Conscious, Connected, Circular breathing pattern used in Rebirthing Breathwork reduces levels of anxiety, improves immune response, cardiovascular fitness, and energy levels, plus improves overall health while allowing us to release negative emotions and clear up emotional blockages that cause dysfunction in our lives.

Is Rebirthing Breathwork like meditation? 

Yes and no. During Breathwork, clients experience a deep meditative state, however Rebirthing Breathwork requires active deep breathing which goes against the traditional description of meditation that is peaceful and in silence.

Not typically, however clients who are pregnant, have asthma, heart,  circulation, or blood pressure problems are asked to consult their physician prior to scheduling. 

What can I expect from the Rebirthing Breathwork experience?

The experience depends on the individual, their openness, and willingness to try new things stretching beyond their current experience . Most clients experience extreme relaxation, bliss and joy; some describe the physical sensation as 'floating;' others experience tingling sensations or vibrations in the energy centers of the body (chakras). Many experience feelings of clarity, inspiration, alertness, and overall mind and body connection. Please note clients who have experienced severe trauma may not be able to relax completely during the first session as their body consciousness tends to be in protective mode. Extra time is needed to develop trust for the practitioner and allow them to hold space to relax and 'let it go.' Remember - healing is a process. 

Are there any health limitations for Rebirthing Breathwork?

What topics are discussed during the Transformational Life Coaching part of the session?

Depending on the individual needs of the client,  topics include: relationships, parenting, managing anxiety, self-enhancement, processing suppressed trauma, self-love, self-acceptance, releasing guilt and shame, success at work, forgiveness, and prosperity.

What are your credentials?

Laura completed The Joyful Life Project Training and the Rebirthing Breathworker Training at the Nashville Breathwork Center (based in Tennessee) under the watchful eye of Juliana Ericson; Rebirthing Breathworker, artist, and author of "The Other F Word."

Is one session of Rebirthing Breathwork / Life Coaching going to help me?

Eliminating emotional blockages and healing emotional wounds is a process, therefore Rebirthing Breathwork and Transformational Life Coaching are part of a recommended 10 series. This group of 10 sessions is concentrated to focus on your core issues - mainly having to do with your early childhood. Think of this as hiring a personal trainer - you'll feel good after one session, but think of the results you can reap after 10! It's the same with Rebirthing Breathwork - the more we uncover, process, and heal the more beneficial it will be for you.